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OzRaid Continued v1.1

What it does:

OzRaid is a set of configurable windows that will show you health/mana bars & buffs.
You specify an input (player or mob health/mana), filter out what you dont need, specify what buffs to view, position & colour the elements, and there you go!

At its simplest, you can display the current raid group health, and any buffs/debuffs you care about. At its most complex, you can use OzRaid to build 'reminder' windows for buffing, curing, show you the currently targetted mobs (with debuffs applied), build an emergency monitor, and many more things on top of it.

Download here

It is not like CT Raid Assist. All OzRaid does is show you health/mana bars. It does not provide any of the other cool things CT does (like boss warnings for example) This addon was written simply to provide a smaller & neater overview of the raid than the CTRaid (and now Blizzard) party frames. But it now does so much more.
It also works in parties & solo as well as raids


/oz [n]
/ozraid [n]
Open/close window [n], if no window specified (orit can't find it) it opens the options instead.

There's also key bindings to toggle each window open or closed.

For more information, please check the README file in the archive.

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