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PartyTarget 1.9

What it does:

This cool mod adds partytarget info when one of your party members has a target in blizzards style of unitbars. What it does is monitors buffs/debuffs, hp/mana (rage/energy), pvp status(flagged or not), party leader status and more. Basically the same thing normal party unitframes do (but its their target).

Download Here

To open the GUI config screen type /pt

Slash Commands
/pt targeticon (toggles class icons if Excavator is installed)
/pt partyicons (toggles party icons if Excavator is intsalled)
/pt partytargets (toggles party targets on/off)
/pt targettarget (toggles target target on/off)

Excavator Slash Commands
/excavator enable (turns on/off)
/excavator party (toggles icon for party)
/excavator player (toggles icon for player)
/excavator target (toggles icon for target)

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