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Popular World of Warcraft mods

These mods are the most popular World of Warcraft addons on this site. If you're going to use any mods, it should be these.

Mod name Description
Atlas Provides a number of additional maps as well as an in-game map browser. A must have mod for all WoW hardcore players
Titan Panel A very popular mod that adds a control panel/info box on top of the screen
Perl Classic Customizes your bars and frames
Clear Font Replaces your fonts with brighter, higher resolution fonts
Mobinfo 2 Provides useful information on Mobs
Group Calendar An in-game event calendar to plan events with your Guild
Gatherer Helps you track plants & treasures. Handy for miners, herbalists & treasure hunters
Quickheal This mod gives healers easy access to their healing spells
Auctioneer Helps you find bargains at the Auction House
All in one Inventory Bank Merges all your bags together

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