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PriceMaster 8.21

What it does:

This World of Warcraft plugin records and displays the vendor prices items when you hover your mouse over them. It records new prices whenever you visit a vendor. The database of item prices right now contains around 20,000 items, and grows as more players submit their data.

Download Here

PriceMaster also permits browsing of the stats of every item found through the /pricemaster command. You can link, or try on any item previously seen by any player who has submitted their data for your server.

This plugin uses a very simple display method, and after one hour of using it, you will forget it is even an addon. Also, the method PriceMaster uses to collect data makes it almost impossible to collect a broken link.

Check the website for updates.

PriceMaster runs off a database of items that is submitted by users. Please support this database by submitting your item and price data. You can do this by copying the 'PriceMaster.lua' file in the 'World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/[Account Name]/SavedVariables/' directory and e-mailing it to .

PriceMaster - World of Warcraft mod

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