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QuickHeal 1.16.2

What it does:

This World of Warcraft mod gives healers quick and easy access to all of their direct healing spells for healing party/raid members & also themselves. Quickheal lets you heal the people who need it, without having to target them manually, or even having to deselect the enemy you are battling. Quickheal gives you maximum mana efficiency, & will automatically use a lower rank of healing if the target does not need your biggest heal, or if your mana is running a bit low. This even works when you're not in a party or a raid. This will save you mana & precious time by automatically selecting the right healing spell that does the necessary healing. There's several different key bindings for narrowing the group of friends that will be considered for healing and there's more, you can heal with mouse clicks (QuickClick), by holding down CTRL & clicking directly on the player's frame, which makes it very easy to get the right healing out to the right people in busy scenarios. A very useful mod for World of Warcraft.

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NOTE: This Mod has been discontinued.


What it features:

Spell & Target selection: Heals the person who needs it the most, with the spell & rank that gives just the right amount of healing for the target. When in combat, it prefers spells & ranks that maximises healing/time. When you're out of combat, it prefers the spells and ranks that maximises healing/mana. It automatically selects a lower rank if mana is low and considers talent that affect healing & the health lost during combat.

Overheal Warnings: It will display a warning right above the Healing Bar or at the center of your screen, if the current healing spell will result in a significant overheal on the healing target. A yellow warning means that between 10% to 50% of the healing spell will be wasted, while a red warning will mean that more than 50% of the healing spell will be wasted. Ouch. In case of the dreaded red warning message, reactivating QuickHeal will interrupt and stop the spell casting.

Automatic range checking: When considering multiple healing targets, range is going to be automatically checked, preventing failed attempts at healing people who are out of range. Unlike other addons, you do not need a healing spell on your action bar for it to work, and the checking is done without switching your current target around.

Healing Bar: Visually shows you the healing target's health as well as the incomming heal and a chance of overheal during casting of a healing spell. Plus, it shows the class of the healing target by using a specific color for each class.

Cooperative Healing: QuickHeal communicates silently with other clients in the background, exchanging healing information from all party/raid members who support the common protocol. This helps coordination tremendously & helps you avoid overhealing by visualising not only your own heal on the Healing Bar, but also the heals from other people that will land on your current healing target before your heal lands. Messages are sent in a normal format which is also used by Genesis, heart & Panza. It isn't a requirement that everyone use these addons, however, the more players who use one of these for healing, the more accurate the healing info will be.

QuickClick: Lets you heal with the mouse by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on a portrait or player frame. If you want to use another mod for click-casting or don't care for healing with the mouse, you can disable QuickClick through the configuration panel, or you can alternatively delete the file QuickClick.lua to completely avoid loading it, thereby saving a bit of memory.

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