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World of Warcraft raid mods

All WoW mods in this category is related to raids.

Mod name Description
Easyraid One of the top Raid Mods for World of Warcraft
EKraidAttend Record the names of the players in a raid at a given time
EKBomb Displays a warning in the center of your screen when you get certain "bomb" type debuffs
HealingRangeAlpha Makes healing Raid members much easier
Bigwigs Thaddius Arrows Addon that helps 2 Raid Strategies
OZraid Display the current raid group health, and any buffs/debuffs
SafeDistance Puts a small movable frame on your screen whenever there is an active raid boss explodey-type debuff in the raid
Fusion Nxxramas Loatheb Announces pots/bandages in a way that allows maximum DPS
Bidmaster Lets raid leaders (or any others) the ability to auction items using Vickery DKP systems
EKctra Raidstatus Adds some enhancements to CT_RaidAssist's Raid Status window
Napoleon Allows a raid to quickly organize healers and duties
Autoinvite2 makes it is possible to invite a complete group setup with just one key
Merdon's Raid Calendar Raid Calendar
EKctra MTTargets Enhances the CT_RaidAssist MT Targets group by adding on an optional MT Players group plus an optional MT Pets group
Squishy *EXPIRED* MOD Does not work with 2.0

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