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What it does:

SafeDistance puts a small movable frame on your screen whenever there is an active raid boss explodey-type debuff in the raid. The frame is either yellow,red or green with the name of the player who is the target in it, depending on your distance to them. While there is no way to get exact distance to a party member in an instance, you can check for ~5/10/30 yard ranges. Let's take Baron Geddon's Living Bomb for example, it can say when you definately are not safe (<10), might be safe (10-30), and definately safe (30>)

Download here

NOTE: This Mod has not been updated by the author.

Version 0.3.122

The features:

Works on Baron Geddon's Living Bomb and Vaelastrasz's Burning Adrenaline

Gives the estimated distance along with color coded safety

Gives time to explode

Small, movable frame when there is a Living Bomb

Works with either CT_RABossMods or BigWigs


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