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What it does:

Squishy is an Ace2 raid and party emergency monitor with a look & feel similar to PerfectRaid. The main difference to other unit frames is that the ordering of the ten players displayed is defined by a set of modifiers, which will (de-)priorize players based on many different factors (unit has certain buffs/debuffs, unit is in your subgroup, unit has aggro, unit is being healed by someone else, PvE only: class modifiers, warriors are more important than e.g. rogues, unit is out of mana (mainly for PvP), unit is targetted by yourself, and of course: current health).

Additionally it will only show players who are (or shortly have been) in your healing range. This is done by watching the combat log (as people far away from you won't show up in your combat log). If a unit name/bar starts fading, this will tell you that it recently has not been seen in range and might now be out of range (note, you can always alter the range with the "Log range" slider in the options, setting it to a value somewhat lower than your healing range is recommended).

Download here

Version 1.0.11947

Config Options:

There's Pet support, number of units to display (5-20), scaling (40%-150%), etc. To configure Squishy click the new minimap icon (or seach for it in your FuBar if you are using FuBar).

Other Info:

To the left of the unit frames you'll sometimes see one or more letters:
- green H = unit is being healed by someone else right now
- grey S = unit has shield debuff
- blue R = unit has renew/rejuv buff
- red A = unit has aggro
- yellow S = unit is shielded

To the right of the bar you'll see '<' for some units.
- red = unit with highest priority
- white = player
- blue = in your raid subgroup

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