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Tips and strategies for World of Warcraft PVP noobs

There are some strategies that are used in just about every type of PvP encounter within the game. It's important to keep them in mind whether you consider them honorable or dishonorable in nature. It's up to you what your own internal rules are, but knowing the available tactics that can (and will) be used by other players is a key to victory.


Bait is when a lone enemy lures you into a trap in which either a higher-level player is waiting nearby or a group of players is waiting nearby. Baiting someone can be an easy way of getting a kill or splitting up a disorganized group.


Jump before being jumped

It's always better to do the jumping than be the one getting jumped. In this case, you pick the method of approach and the terrain in which to fight in as well as the timing of the fight. While it's not impossible to recover from being jumped by any means, it does tend to put a crimp in your usual fighting plan.


Corpse Camping

Corpse camping, while not generally perceived as an honorable strategy, may be a tool you end up having to use. It sends the message that it's time for your enemy to move on, provided you let them get back up at some point.



Often this occurs when a player is engaged in some other activity and has no real chance of making a response. Some players use this when an enemy is killing mobs and at a disadvantage already. While this may be viewed as dishonorable, it may also be seen as the only necessary means for clearing a zone of the opposing faction. Besides, honor is defined differently by players and one may see it as a strategic advantage.


Buddy System

This simply can't be stressed enough. Having a buddy to watch your back may make an enemy think twice before attacking. Seeing more than one player easily visible may make them think twice. However, there's something be said for traveling with a stealthed Rogue and letting people think that you're the only one.


Use the Landscape

When taking rests between PvE or PvP activity, don't sit out in the open. The tag over your head is a big enough indicator for your location; don't add to the advertisement by sitting in plain view. Dense foliage and trees do a reasonably good job at obscuring your presence. For those with stealth, make sure you use it. Using the landscape also means, getting out of the line of sight of casters and range combat classes. They can't hit what they can't see.


Use Buildings

Use buildings both as line of sight obstructions and as places of rest. For two-story buildings, it's too easy to find you sitting on the first floor. If there is a second story, it may be best to go there so that someone just skimming through can't easily identify you're there.


Control and Escape

There are times when you know you have little hope of living through an encounter. These are the times when you know you have little hope of living through an encounter. These are the time you need to pull the stops and find a way of controlling the situation just enough to make you escape. If possible, Fear your attacker, root them stun them, whatever it takes. Use a speed enhancing technique whether natural Sprint, potions or engineered boots and run, don't walk, to the closest place of safety.


Dying Well

There is a right way and a wrong way to die. If you have to die, do it in a place you can get to easily and resurrect in relative safety. Keep in mind the distance you have to work with and find a spot that is obscured from sight of enemies. If they try to camp your corpse, it will give you a chance to utilize your surroundings to resurrect and get out. Being able to rez behind a tree is a beautiful thing.


Be Creative

Expand the boundaries of your imagination and think outside the box. (Just don't exploit.) There are are countless of different ways to approach a situation and catching your enemy by surprise may be the best possible way of achieving victory. Even when being jumped, you may suddenly be hit with a little inspiration that can get you out of a bind.


Be Prepared

Be prepared with potions, first aid and engineering for the times when you're encroaching on contested or opposite faction controlled areas. Having that extra mana or health could mean victory when it comes down to the wire on either nuking power or healing just enough to stay alive.


Damage over Time spells, poisons or abilities should always be the first thing used against an enemy and the last thing you put on them should they try to flee. Watching a severely weakened foe run away while still taking DOT damage is feeling of pure joy.


Finish What you Start

Unless you're the type to be merciful to your enemy, don't stop attacking until you have killed your opponents. That may sound harsh, but by allowing them to escape, it gives them time to regroup and call in friends. Killing them gives them a trip to the graveyard and a little bit of a “time out” rather than running rampantly back into battle.


Know when to fight

Don't get lured into a fight you aren't ready for. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and try to bite off more than you can chew. Realize your own limitations and know when it's best to fight or run the other way. Running isn't cowardly when it means you can come back more prepared and ready to fight on better footing. It's definitely not cowardly when faced with an obviously overwhelming force.



It may not be the fastest way to get out of a bad area, but using a hearthstone may be the only way to escape a sticky situation. These can only be used once an hour so be careful in your choice of timing. However, if a town that you're currently based at is overrun and the flight master has been taken down, one of the easiest ways out is to stone home.


Ready your Mounth/Sprint/Form

If you have a faster means of travel than running, give yourself enough time to use it. Save your Sprint or other speedy means for when you need it most, either for chasing someone down for the final kill or getting away when someone is about to get you. You can not mount while in active PvP so be sure to get far enough away to summon your mount and ride out—provided you have one. If you have a travel form, using it to get away from your enemy will be a big bonus to you. There are also Sprint portions available for those that do not have any means of getting an immediate speed burst.


Hit and Run

Be patient and use the Hit and Run method on opponents. This keeps them off balance and gives you a chance to recoup any lost health or mana. While the battle typically lasts longer, it will also be more enjoyable and the likelihood of your own survival goes up just a tad. Dash in, do some damage in range then back off a bit. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

Use Short Guild and character names

While this may sound like an odd decision, your name/guild tag could easily be seen from both sides of a tree behind which you're trying to hide. Keeping your name and your guild tag short helps you remain hidden if that's your plan.

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