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Titan Panel v3.2.9.20400

What it does:
This adds a control panel/info box on top of your screen.

Download Here

The ability to have one or two Bars at the top and/or the bottom of your screen
Numerous addons that gives you a terrific core set of features
Simple to use Options to change features on the fly
Added Categories for Mod Authors to make searching for their Mod easier inside Titan.

Titan Trans
Titan UIScale
Titan Volume
Titan Ammo
Titan AutoHide
Titan AuxAutoHide

The Following features can be removed or turned off:
Titan Bag
Titan Clock
Titan ItemBonuses
Titan Repair
Titan HonorPlus
Titan Rider
Titan Coords
Titan LootType
Titan Money
Titan Performance
Titan XP
Titan Regen
Titan Stancesets
Titan ZoneSpeed

Titan Panel - World of Warcraft mod

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