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What it does:

This small WoW mod was created to change the icons of specific items to other icons. For example, you can change the icon of the Gnomish Mind Control Cap to something other than the Goblin Rocket Helm icon. Or you can switch the Mithril Dragonling's icon for something other than the Arcanite Dragonling's icon.

This mod is most useful to engineers or those who swap different items that share the same icon.

Download Here

NOTE: This Mod has not been updated by the author and might not work properly.

Version: 1.31

How to change an Item's icon:

1. /trans or /transmogrifier
2. Drop the item to change in the left box.
3. Pick an icon to change it to on the right.
4. Hit Transmogrify button
5. Repeat for any other items.
6. When you're done, press reload so changes take effect.

Please look at the README.txt inside the archive for more documentation

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