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vAssist 0.82

What it does:

vAssist allows you set up to six main tanks & adds windows to your interface which shows the name and health of the tank's target. Clicking on the window will aid the tank by targeting the tank's target (pretty much like CTRA's MTTarget).

Download here

NOTE: This Mod has been discontinued and out of date.


'/vassist [<num>]' - Assists MT #<num>. If <num> is not specified the most valid MT will be assisted.
'/vassist set [<num>]' - Sets your target as main tank #<num>. Example: '/va set 1'. Without <num> first free MT slot will be used.
'/vassist unsetall' - Unsets all main tanks.
'/vassist unset <num>' - This Unsets main tank #<num>. Example '/va unset 1'.
'/vassist hide' - Hides the MTTarget windows (If you just want to use the binding or the '/vassist' command.)
'/vassist show' - Makes MTTarget windows visible again.
'/vassist scale <num>' - Scales the MTTarget windows. <num> can be a number between 1 and 15.
'/vassist showinfo <num>' - Shows short information about the tank's target in your chat frame.
'/vassist mttt on/off' - Displays a small text which tells the current target of MT's target.
'/vassist colors on/off' - Enables or Disables the use of colors to show aggro status.
'/vassist border on/off' - Enable or Disable the display of borders.
'/vassist interval <num>' - Changes the update interval. <num> in seconds.
'/vassist help' - show ingame help.

'/va' could be used instead of '/vassist'

Shift + Click will move the MTTarget windows.

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