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The Ultimate Warrior strategy guide for WoW PVP

Forget all those bad memories of mindlessly beating on someone while the casters do all the work. This is World of Warcraft and here warriors reign supreme. In the following write up, I'll explain how to play a warrior against each of the classes. There are several fundamentals of a warrior that do not change regardless of who you're fighting. Under ideal circumstances, you'll always be able to lead the fight with Charge, which gives you some Rage and allows you to close the distance to your target almost instantly. Secondly, always keep your target snared; fortunately, warriors have the best snare in the game. Hamstring will quickly become your best friend; when upgraded, it can snare you opponent to 40% of his normal speed. Open every fight possible with the charge + hamstring combo. I will describe what to do in the event that you can't lead with this combo.

This Write up is from the perspective of a level 60 undead warrior. My talent spec is as follows:



Warrior Versus Druid

Druids are relatively easy to take down. They're part healer and part nuker leaving them slightly lacking in both departments. The one thing you need to watch out for when fighting a druid is their root spell. A druid's main form of damage is an instant cast nuke with a DOT attached. All of the spells that you need to concern yourself with are from the Nature line. Their root and heals are both nature spells which are easy to pick out due to the glowing green hands the druid has when using them. They'll try to root you and throw in an occasional nuke. If you get rooted, pull out your ranged weapon and start shooting. Make sure you watch the root duration closely; the second it breaks, rush in with a hamstring. As with any healing class, the key to victory is to wait until you have them around 25% health and Pummel their heal. This shuts out all of their healing and defensive spells long enough to finish them off.


Warrior Versus Hunter

Hunters can hurt if they get the jump on you. They have a couple of snare abilities and a self run speed buff. If a good hunter catches you off guard, you'll be in for a difficult fight. If the hunter is trying to kite you, Hamstring the pet to take it out of the fight while you chase the hunter. If the hunter is using his run speed buff, pause for a moment. When he turns to run, hit him with a range attack. The hunters; run buff dazes them any time they're hit; Daze is a 50% snare. After you get your ranged attack in, they'll be snared—same as you. Continue this process while keeping Hamstring applied to the pet and you should be able to close the gap eventually. Once you manage to get in close, the fight's over and you win.

Warrior Versus Mage

Mages are one of the toughest opponents you'll face as a warrior. Mages have the ability to keep you rooted or snared for a considerable amount of time. Their upfront Damage is considerable. The moment you close the gap on a good mage, he'll root you and blink out of melee range. Pull out your ranged weapon and start shooting. As with the Druid's root, make sure you watch the root timer closely and make a mad dash for them the second it breaks. The mage will more than likely be using arcane missles on you while you're rooted or when you begin to run at them. Hit them with a pummel the moment you're in range. This locks out their arcane line which, in turn, shuts down Arcane explosion, blink, and polymorph. If you can survive through the initial barrage of instant nukes that they'll throw in your face, you should be able to take them down relatively easy. Surviving the initial barrage is the hardest part through and comes down to your hit point pool and resist rates.

Warrior Versus Paladin

Paladins don't pose any real threat to warriors, even the undead kind. Paladin battles tend to follow this trend. Warrior hamstrings paladin. Paladin begins to beat on warrior and realizes he's losing. Paladin uses invulnerability and heals himself. The invulnerability wears off and the Paladin fights some more. Paladin then realizes he is still losing and uses his second invulnerability and heals again. Invulnerability wears off and paladin realizes he is still losing, Paladin dies. The worst thing that can happen here is the Paladin stuns you, throws up his shield and runs away. As long as you pummel the first spell you see him cast to shut out his Holy line, there won't be anything to worry about.

Warrior Versus Priest

Priests pose almost no threat to a warrior. When you engage in melee, they'll use their AE fear. Make sure you get hamstring on them before that happens and it'll be almost impossible for you to lose. They have two lines of spells; shadow and holy. Shadow spells are their damage spells and holy are their healing. Don't pummel their shadow spells; wait until you see their hands glowing yellow and pummel them. The yellow glowing means they're casting a holy spell. Regardless of which spell you stop, it shuts down their entire holy line and prevents them from healing. As long as you keep them snared and in melee range, they won't put up any fight.

Warrior Versus Rogue

The Rogues range from cakewalks to tough cookies. Rogues are very dependent on special attacks and, if they miss even one of their opening or finishing moves, they'll be relatively easy. As always, make sure you stick them with Hamstring immediately. Once they're snared, hit them with rend so if they manage to slip into stealth or vanish, it'll break when rend does its DOT. Swich to Defensive stance, but just for long enough to disarm them and switch back to Battle stance. Rogues can dish out the damage very fast, but they can't take a hit. There's a good chance that they'll have you snared with their poisons, so you have to make sure you don't let them get out of melee with you. If a rogue gets away from you long enough to hide in stealth, and they'll hit you with a Cheap shot—then you're in trouble. Make sure to keep them engaged and snared at all times. As long as they don't get lucky with crits on their special attacks, you should be fine since their hps will give out before yours.

Warrior Versus Shaman

Shaman can be a difficult fight because of their ability to snare you constantly. In addition, their grounding totem prevents some of your abilities from working on them. To make matters worse, most of their damage comes from instant nukes so they can continue to dish out the damage while running. This makes it very hard to get a hamstring in. If you're unable to land hamstring before they snare you, continue running towards them at all times, but quickly change your target to their Earthbind totem and crush it. With any luck, the Shaman will be too busy trying to stay away from you to realize that you aren't snared anymore. Once you have the Shaman snared, he dies as fast as any other healer. Shaman only have one line of healing and it is Nature based. The moment you see their hands begin to glow green, hit them with a pummel and that will seal their doom.

Warrior Versus Warlock

Warlocks will, by far, be your hardest fight. Since Undead are immune to fear, I have always made short work of Warlocks. However, for any other race there's almost nothing you can do to beat a good warlock. You're only real hope is to engage them, use inner rage followed by intimidating shout and hope that the stun coupled with a pummel will be enough to kill them. The most dangerous Warlock ability is their ability to keep you feared until you die. Do not use pummel until you see their hands glow black; this is their darkness line that holds their fear spell. If you can prevent them from getting off a fear, you'll win.

Warrior Versus Warrior

Their match up is simply about who has better gear and more skill. There are a few tips I can give when fighting other warriors. First, make sure you keep them snared. If you get them snared before they snare you, run out of melee range and use your ranged weapon to try to get an hp advantage. Second, make sure you land disarm as soon as possible. Third, try to get off your intimidating shout before they get theirs off.

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