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What it does:

WatchTower was developed for use in Realm Defense. This addon allows you to automatically announce all pertinant information about invaders to your party or allies. All you have to do is click on the invader & use your binded key to report an enemy. Or, you can use your multiple reporting key, select all enemies you wish to report, & then hit the key again to report multiple enemies at one time.

Download here

Version: 21000

The original default info includes Class, Race, Level, Current Subzone, Coordinates, and can be easily configured to your tastes using a selection menu. Also, the user can make a custom output string using any of the above information.

REMEMBER: The coordinates reported by Watchtower are YOUR OWN coordinates. It is impossible to get the coordinates of your enemies.


Create a keybinding or use the macros /script Sancho_ReportToggle(); or /script WTReportEnemy(); Use /wt options to get into the setup menu

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