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What it does:

Wdn.statbars is a World of Warcraft mod that was originally created with the goal of providing a simplistic experience bar that could be moved, and placed anywhere on the screen. wdn.statbars has since expanded to include an a durability bar and a honor bar also. The experience bar displays progress towards next level, as well as extended info via tool tip. The honor bar behaves similarly, except that it shows progress towards your next rank. The durability bar shows total durability, as well as detailed durability info through the tool tip.

Download Here

NOTE: This Mod is no longer supported.

Version: 0.24.11200

To access the Config options for wdn.statbars:

Extra Info:

- hold down Ctrl to drag
- open a chat message, and then hold down the shift key while clicking on the bar to add status info to chat

wdn.statbars - World of Warcraft Mod
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wdn.statbars3 - WOW Mod
wdn.statbars4 - WOW Mod


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