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Wowecon PriceMod

What it does:

The PriceMod is a stand-alone mod that adds Auction House and Vendor prices to tooltips and synchronizes with the gigantic online price database at

Download Here

Version: The latest version can always be downloaded from


- Display auction house and vendor prices from a huge online database on the user's in-game tooltips
Prices accessible for every world region (US, KR, CN, EU)
Faction and realm-specific prices collected from successful Auction House sales
Prices show on most in-game tooltips (Inventory, Equipment, Auction House, Herb radar, Linked items, Tradeskills, etc)

- Search for items and prices in-game
Item browser enables you to search for items and their prices by name
Customize mod behavior and tooltip display using an easy to use GUI
View tooltips and item stats for items in your local cache

- View enchanting stats from over 500.000+ disenchants
Simple mode displays disenchant products, probability, and possibly quantities
Indicator shows the amount of times we have seen an item disenchanted
Detailed view shows probability of each product/quantity combination

- Launcher
Download current prices for your locale, realm(s), and faction(s) each time you play
Automatically patch to the most recent version of the Launcher and UI Mod. No manual downloading necessary.

No configuration is necessary to get started, but settings can be changed from an in-game configuration panel. Simple to install and uninstall

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