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What it does:

ZoneLevel provides a icon showing how the mob levels in a zone compare to yours

ZoneLevel is localized for English, German, and French.

Download Here

Version: 4.1

Slash Commands:
- /zlvl
- /zonelevel

/zlvl - Displays the mod help
/zlvl maptext - toggles level range in minimap name
/zlvl icon - toggles icon visibility
/zlvl unlock - unlocks the icon so it can be moved
/zlvl lock - locks the icon so it cannot be moved
/zinfo zone -- displays the zone range for zone

ZoneLevel supports a lookup of zone level ranges using the /zinfo <zone>.
<zone> can be the name of a zone or an abbreviation included in the zinfo README.txt file.

ZoneLevel - World of Warcraft mod

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